Ricki Keith's Pure Vocal Power

Do You Own Your Voice, or Does Your Voice Own You?

Unlock the "7 Forces of Vocal Mastery" and find your dream voice and reach those high notes!

Pure Vocal Power!
Welcome Singers!

Pure Vocal Power - 30 Days to Unlimited Singing Success - The 7 Forces of Vocal Mastery 

I promise you this will be NOTHING like any vocal coaching or singing lessons you may have had before.

You will embark on a 30-day transformative journey to unlock the singer within you've always aspired to become. We will dive deep into the true discovery of exactly what is holding you back in your singing voice while gaining a profound understanding and equipping yourself with targeted principles, elements and proven techniques. This incredible knowledge will be your power to navigate through any challenges, allowing you to fully harness and master the uniqueness of your vocal abilities. 

Week 1 | Vocal Discovery

Learn how the singing voice really works.


Explore how to condition your voice for performance.


Learn the core fundamentals of the Pure Vocal Power Method


Leverage your newfound knowledge to start experiencing real, palpable outcomes.

singing songs

Put your newfound skills into practice with real songs and experience the improvement firsthand.

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Why to enroll?

Some insight into the origin of the RKVA Methodology

Who do Stevie Wonder, Ozzy Osbourne, Madonna, Natalie Cole, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Brian Wilson, Avenge Sevenfold, Michael Bolton, Earth Wind & Fire, Barbra Streisand and other superstars have in common?

"Whether you are a beginner or a superstar, regardless of style of music, if you aren’t singing seamlessly up and down your whole range and make an impact on your audience, you haven’t learned how to do it yet – OR – if you are kind of doing it, but are still having problems – it is time for us to show you how to do it right, so that you can do it too."